1. Online Public Access Catalogue Service:

It is an online database of  materials held by a library. Users typically search a library catlogue to locate books, periodicals, audio/visual materials or other items under control of a library. Through which users come to know whether a book available in library or not.

  1. Home Lending Service
    • For students:

Library provides book home lending service to those students who have paid library fee at the time of admission. Under this service students can issue  2 books for one week.

    • For Teaching and Non Teaching Staff: Library provides home lending service to teaching and non-teaching staff. Each teaching staff can be issued 30 books for 6 months and non-teaching staff can be issued 2 books for a month.
    1. Reading room facility: Library Provide study room facility to students and teaching staff.
    1. New arrival service:  The cover pages of new arrivals are displayed on the notice board for  the  information of students and staff.
    1. Inter library loan service: The Library make available those reference material to our students and staff which are not in our collection. For this service library take help from our sister concern institute. Like KTHM, College, Cidco College etc.
    1. Reference Service:The Library maintains a separate reference     collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories,             handbooks, technical data, almanacs, atlases, bibliographies, CD-ROMs, Audio and Videocassettes, etc. Readers may approach the Reference Desk for information or any assistance in the use of the Library Collections and Services.
    1. User Awareness Program:The library takes an active part in the orientation programme organized by the institute for the benefit of new students in the beginning of academic year. They are taken around the library to familiarize them with various resources and services available for them.
    1. Reprography service: Library offers Xerox facility to students and staff at minimum charges for per document.
    2. Newspaper service: At present library subscribed 10
    3. Newspaper Clippings Service: The library Possesses the clippings of news about the college and on specific subject    
    1. SDI service: SDI is a current awareness service on your interested
    2. The Service is for students,Researchers and Teachers
    3. On Demand library facility/Library facility to External Students:The Library provide reference and reading facility to the needy students/Teachers/researchers of other colleges, by giving membership to them. We charge Rs.20/- as a library fee for one month.
    1. Book Bank Scheme:
      The Library provide book bank service to the economically backward and needy students. Under this scheme students are issued books for one year.
    2. Earn and Learn Scheme:
      Under this facility the economically backward and interested students are allowed to work in the library daily for 2 to 3 hours. College pays Rs.30/- per hour to support their education.
    3. Referral Services :A referral service is the active process of linking a person with a need or problem with a service which will meet the need or solve the problem.
    1. Internet Service : We have separate Network Resource Center having 6 Nodes
    2. E-Recourses service : College is regular subscriber of Inflibnet N-List
    3. Literature Search service : The Library staff helps to the user for searching reading literature